Ghana Cartoon Network

Ghana Cartoon Network Rebirth
Ghana Cartoon Network Rebirth

The rise of the Ghana Cartoon Network, is slowly but surely taking shape. The Ghecos Universe has been defined, solidifying relationships between differing dimensions and providing a framework for characters in those dimensions to act out their true destinies.

Ghana Comics have a set purpose, to act as a prelude script to Ghana Cartoons.

Ghana Cartoons are being developed in a 2 tier fashion whilst the Afreeka Radio Project explores the complexities of each product line in 2D and 3D.

Ghana Cartoon Network Rises
Ghana Cartoon Network Rises

Ananse 3D has played a significant role in the initial development concept of our major Ghana Comics and Ghana Cartoons, however as the Ghana Cartoon Network grows, he will play a more self focused role as the destinies of each World and character in the Ghecos Universe explores adventures and destinies of their own.

Ananse 2D plays a significant development role with respect to the older style stories, fables and Children Nursery Story concepts. Ananse 2D will also feature other World Wide stories from other nations, whilst Ananse 3D will focus on African Themes.

Ghana Cartoon Network Destiny
Ghana Cartoon Network Destiny

Ghana Cartoon Network Road Map
Whilst Ghana Comics serve as scripts for the Ghana Cartoons, Ghana Cartoons will pave the way for developing a New Ghana Cartoon Network TV Channel.
The Ghana Cartoon TV Network, will serve as a beacon for channelling Afreeka Radio Project ideas and concepts.
The delivery mechanisms will not focus on traditional Terrestrial Television, but on future technological mediums such as Mobile Devices and Fibre Streaming Broadcast mediums.
Whilst Ghana maybe struggling to develop an infrastructure and digital broadcasting framework to deliver such content, the initial adoption by the rest of the world, of Ghanaian Digital Developers and Content Producers, will provide credence and acceptance of a new genre of Digitally styled and themed content, for the most part unrealised by other cultures in the wider world today.

“The road is long, but the destination is inevitable”.


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