Mogha Biblz

Biblz according to Mogha
Biblz according to Mogha

Mogha Biblz is a Ghana comic about a character who is always drunk, smokes and has various funny descriptions for his dietary needs, which all involve unhealthy substances and practically no food.

You will need the “Biblz according to Mogha” to be able translate what would normally seem to be straight forward and obvious conversations.

Biblz Dictionary Snippet…

Special Brew – coffee
Guinness – celebration after a moment of genius
Alomo Bitters – rice and beans
Water – Akpeteshie A.K.A fire water
Peace pipe – weed joint as in “I get sense from incense which helps perfect my skill in no-nonsense nonsense”
Breather – cigarette as in I need to take a breather.
Sweet Tea – Palm wine