Voice Of The Dark Expanse

Ananse Amazon Voice Of The Dark Expanse

Many paths will lead you to your fate, but only one direction will lead you to your destiny.
Take that one thought, follow one path, and focus on one direction to succeed.

It has been said that the absence of light is darkness and the presence of light is the omission of darkness.
It can be said that without darkness we cannot see the light and it is through darkness we acknowledge how bright life can be.
To see into the dark would require that you came from the light and so conclude, one cannot exist without the other.
You must know then, that darkness is always and but for the opening of its eye, there would be no light.
Let not this eye choose to see, for from this void will emerge a spark, a disease, a prismic light of colours carrying an infinite expanse of chaos.
Do not be fooled by the beauty that follows, for its age it shall be brief, as each colour journeys only to return to its source and for each destination that shines brightness, be sure that the Dark Expanse will reclaim it as its own.
Know then, that such an event has begun, the spark of all cosmic things and the prisonic evolution of life, spawned through the birth of light, when sparked at its brightest,

will be no more…

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