Anasite fears the beast within

Ghana Comic Chronicles of Een – Anasite

Anasite Fear the beast within
Anasite Fear

A young Nyam boy was separated from his tribe during the commotion and finds himself lost in a city ruin. Running for days from a creature so terrifying, caused him to forget what he was doing or where he was going. He blinks through momentary flashbacks of the attack and is scared beyond comprehension to a point that he cannot move and although the water he now stands causes him to shiver, he dare not make a sound.

He knows something is wrong, he knows something about him has changed and fortunate for him he will not remember what comes next.

Anasite Fear the beast within
Anasite Fear the beast

He stumbles on a rock beneath him and then it happens… with excruciating pain he screams, his heart beat quickens at an alarming pace, he clutches his chest piercing his bosom with his fingernails and stands paralysed like a zombie as the pain ripples through his mind, body and soul, and in a flash the pain is gone.

He pulls himself together in the still night and hears nothing but the cold running waters lapping at his thighs, hesitantly he steps forward, first one foot and then another. He stops, listens and then continues to wade across the void before him. He realises the stillness, no sound, in fact what worries him most, no heartbeat.  He snaps his head left and right and slowly tilts his head to gaze at the shimmering water, but for some reason no longer fears.

Anasite Fear the beast within
Anasite Fear the beast within

He feels odd in someway, heavy. He feels slow but yet strong. He continues to wade and catches a glimpse of a shadow in the moonlight, he turns but it’s gone. He stops and bends to cup water in his hands to drink and then yells out a monstrous roar, louder than 100 lions on an african savanna.. His worst nightmare… there’s hideous creature in the palm of his hands… he cries and then weeps for the transformation is complete! He is his worst fear! He has become one of them! – An Anasite beast.

Anasite Fear the beast for it is within
Anasite Fear the beast within to be continued…

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