Nyabot Anabot Monsters

Nyabot and Anabot monster creations battle it out after fusing with “Ghaladamite Ore”. In the Ghecos Universe, Ghaladamite Ore is a special chemical compound that animates dead or inorganic matter. It features in the trilogy Chronicles of Een, Chronicles of Muna and Chronicles of Irofo as the key ingredient that enables both organic creatures and machines to mobilise their own kind of robots.

We know of the usual kind, the terminators of these worlds, but there are 3 in total, Organic Robots, Machine Robots and Organic Machine Robot Hybrids.

The test movie features a basic and rough design of a Nyamite Organic Robot. The other two types of robotic creatures feature in the Chronicles of Muna.

The organic robots are designed with plants, trees and Nyamite and Anasite creatures in mind. Nyamite robots descended from Nyame are referred to as Nyabots and Anasite descended robots, Anabots.
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