Ghaninja and Swagha Workshop

The Ghana Comic Rehearsal

Ghaninja and Swagha
The Rehearsal

Ghaninja is a comic series about a Ghanaian Ninja fighter and his nemesis Dr Drulo. Ghaninja mostly ends up fighting Swagha, a clever thief who contracts for Dr Drulo. Swagha is tasked with missions to steal and loot from people and their corporations.

Their fights are of a Kung fu nature and Swagha has a lair where he stashes his loot/bounty and sells his ill-gotten gains to the highest bidder which is usually the evil villain Dr Drulo. The loot consists of jewellery and techno gadgets.

We start with a comical series of sketches where they are in rehearsals for their Ghana Comic debut, since they are actors as well part of the story.
In rehearsals they show off their human side…

Ghaninja complains…”I thought we agreed no head butting, during rehearsals…”
Swagha – “I thought you were joking…, Oh i’m sorry, can we try that again?”
Ghaninja – “I can’t work with such amateurs…where is my agent! Damn cheap actors on set yet again…”
Swagha – “I think you’re over reacting…your’e such a baby. :-), you’re so sensitive…”

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