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Afreeka Radio Project presents work in progress Scenery for the Ghana Comic Network. These are scene environments that project content producers are developing and provide a basis for inspiring Ghanaian project developers and Ghanaian content producers.

Ghecos Evolution Title Workshop

In this workshop we are looking at how we would like to design the overall feeling of the cartoon movie part of the project and as such we continue to revise the “Ghecos Evolution” development of scenes and characters. As an example we have put together a short title demo and added a brief glimpse of a new character.
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Flying Creature Test Path 1

Ghana Comic Flying Creature Test Path 1 for Afreeka Radio Project, a production work flow test for Youtube, Ghana Comic, Ghana Cartoon, Ananse, Ananse Amazon, Ananse Universe, Ananse Atlantic, Chronicles of Een, Chronicles of Muna, Chronicles of Irofo, Nyamites, Anasites,

Multimedia Studio Resource for Ghanaian Youth. is our online resource for developing social networking for young Ghanaians around the world.
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Land Mass Scenery

Water World Land Mass Scenery

Developing under water land mass scenery for the Chronicles of Irofo is a process which has some challenges such as mixing light reflection and refraction.

We step through the initial task of first designing what kind of land masses that will work for our story, where creatures of a mermaid like physique will dwell in, whilst they farm sea beds for plant life and ocean creatures.
There will exist some historical architecture that represents days gone by where their ancestors rose and fell at the hands of natural ecosystem forces and wars of the past.
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We also created an audio mood music snippet track for Ghana Movie Music.

Mountain Green Valley

Mountains and Green Valleys…The clip posted is a snippet from Ananse Amazon Scenery we’re creating to be populated by a few villages. The terrain design is based on a combination of sunset memories of central-northern Ghana.
The scene is a generalised scene to be refined and the music is a snippet created in the virtual Afreeka Radio Studio.
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Chronicles Of Muna

Chronicles of Muna Off World 1
Chronicles of Muna Off World 1

Chronicles Of Muna workshop.

The Afreeka Radio Project takes a look at the first stages of creating scenery and worlds for Ananse Universe Ghana Comic, Chronicles of Muna.

This series of graphics and audio video workshop images will focus on the moons, planets and Scf-fi characters for the off world adventures. In addition we will probably work on creating space station platforms, orbiting land masses as well droids and robots.

Chronicles of Muna Off World 2
Chronicles of Muna Off World 2
Chronicles of Muna Off World
Chronicles of Muna Off World 3
Chronicles of Muna Off World 4
Chronicles of Muna Off World 4
Chronicles of Muna Off World
Chronicles of Muna Off World 5

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Voice Of The Dark Expanse

Ananse Amazon Voice Of The Dark Expanse

Many paths will lead you to your fate, but only one direction will lead you to your destiny.
Take that one thought, follow one path, and focus on one direction to succeed.

It has been said that the absence of light is darkness and the presence of light is the omission of darkness.
It can be said that without darkness we cannot see the light and it is through darkness we acknowledge how bright life can be.
To see into the dark would require that you came from the light and so conclude, one cannot exist without the other.
You must know then, that darkness is always and but for the opening of its eye, there would be no light.
Let not this eye choose to see, for from this void will emerge a spark, a disease, a prismic light of colours carrying an infinite expanse of chaos.
Do not be fooled by the beauty that follows, for its age it shall be brief, as each colour journeys only to return to its source and for each destination that shines brightness, be sure that the Dark Expanse will reclaim it as its own.
Know then, that such an event has begun, the spark of all cosmic things and the prisonic evolution of life, spawned through the birth of light, when sparked at its brightest,

will be no more…

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