Afreeka Radio takes a new look at Ghana comic development with a particular review of Ananse (spider man) Universe. At the research and development team have been hard at work, tackling the re-release of a particular popular African comic collection of fables from Ghana in Africa. The famous fable Anansi collection will release in 2014 featuring many of the deities of old such as Nyame the Sky God.

The released collection actually has three themes although the group names haven’t ye been finalised – Ananse Universe (Sci-fi), Ananse Amazon (rural Africa), and Ananse Atlantic (A water world adventure). Follow the project on Afreeka Radio.

Ghacos Ghana Comic

Ghacos is a new super hero created by Afreeka Radio. Based on the folk law hero Kwaku Anansi the Ghanaian trickster God. The story evolves around the rise and fall of a world of super beings from the virtual world of Ghecos (gekkos).
Ghacos literally means GHANA god of Chaos, Where “GH” is the abbreviation for Ghana and “acos” means accumulation of scelestics (wickedness, villainous). ( ghacos/acos at the time of this publication isn’t defined in any dictionary ).
The word Afreeka also originates from the virtual world called Ghecos (gekkos). Afreeka means “a free” and “ka = destiny or great path set before one/them”.
Ghecos is the Ghana Eco Social Networking Systems for Afreeka Radio. We at Afreeka, redefine the meaning of “trickster” to mean a more chaotic and villainous nature of a character thus representing the scale and true nature of villainous behaviour in the world today. Further more, Ghacos (Anansi) thrives in 8 of the infinite dimensions of Ghecos. He/She/It has different personalities in each and is akin to having a split personality disorder when He/She/It refers to his own life during self narration. More information here Afreeka Radio Ghana Comic

Ghacos world defined by Ghecos Map

The 8 dimensions mapped in a Ghecos coördinate system is A-origin (1), B – destination (1) and a volume in space (6), akin to a suspended ‘cobweb’. The cubic web (cobweb) structure suspends in ‘space’ by a minimum of 2 ‘cosmic threads’ to support the cubic web and provides a transport path for the cube to move from A to B and Vice-versa. Each point A and B join to other 8 point system worlds and as such create an infinite mesh of web networks spanning time.

Ghecos began time as an infinite spawn of darkness

“Life has no beginning” what we mean by this is that, “no matter” is a dense population of ‘nothingness/darkness’. For ‘Nothingness’ itself to exist in infinite quantities, means quantification of something, even if we don’t understand or believe it exists. An infinite spawn of ‘nothingness’ is always accompanied by an infinite presence of randomness or unpredictability. It takes only one random moment for something or ‘nothingness’ to evolve into something else. It was in one of those brief moments, that the Ghecos universe began its first cosmic evolution.

Note to the sceptics: The Author of this World, struggled with this theory, but funny enough ‘God’ came to the rescue…It is that we as humans have the ability to believe in things we cannot see or actually imagine such as ‘what god really looks like’, that provided the theory that ‘nothingness’ is in fact ‘something’, we just don’t have the ‘tools’ to ‘measure or define it’ 🙂

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