Tribal Rangers ghana comics episode 02-01

Tribal Rangers ghana comics VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED Episode 02

Ghana Comics Tribal Rangers

Yemo enquired about them and the leader replied, telling her that, they had unwelcome visitors. She went on further to explain that marauders ravished their small village some years ago and still emerge from the shadows, from time to time. They raped the women, killed the men and forced survivors into slavery. Those women, who had survived the pillaging, gave birth to diseased offspring. The offspring could only be nourished by the blood and flesh of others. Some young didn’t even wait to be born, instead they ate their way out of the mother’s womb.
Yemo thought, a shocking story to be true, but why don’t they walk upright, she puzzled. The leader continued her story. After the marauders had left, the remaining villagers began digging tunnels underground where they could stay hidden from the next attack. The tunnels were short and narrow and built by those with no experience. All their engineers were dead or dying. As a result they found standing upright again, very difficult and painful.

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