Ghecos Evolution Eco System

Ghecos Evolution
Ghecos Evolution Anasites Ghecos Evolution Anasites

Nyame Population

Ananse Amazon, Ananse Universe and Ananse Atlantic share a common population tree. The Nyamite and Anasite inhabitants in the trilogy are direct descents from the ‘blood’ of Ghacos and Nyame the Sky God.
When Nyame first populated earth he generated the inhabitants from one of his own ‘blood cells’ creating men called Nyams, women called Nyems and animals called Nyamites, however throughout the series Nyamites generally refers to all his offspring. Nyamites by nature are generally pleasant and God-fearing.

Ghacos Population

Ghecos Evolution Anasites
Ghacos Evolution Anasites

Ghacos son of the Sky God Nyame, created men and women like creatures. Male ‘men’ were called Anams and female ‘women’ Anems, and the animals Anasites. Throughout the trilogy series Anasites refers to Men, Women and Animals that are offspring of Ghacos. The first Anasite spawned the Anasite population tree. Anasite population growth and breeding began by infecting Nyamites. Nyamites infected by blood contamination generally either by a bite or open wound. When infected with Anasite blood they become Anasites. Most infections and hence population growth, takes place as a result of wars, as the hatred by Anasites for Nyamites grows because Anasites serve Ghacos as their God. They are generally nasty and cause havoc everywhere all the time, opportunistic and would turn on Ghacos in an instance if they didn’t fear him so much.
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